Henzel Studio works closely with the world's leading architects and interior designers to meet their clients' wishes and requirements for custom rugs in spaces that include private luxury homes, hotels, yachts and corporate settings. Henzel Studio provides designs solutions on any scale and delivers with utmost quality and precision. As our rugs are handmade we can adapt any of our designs to meet our clients' requirements regarding size, color, shape, materials, varying pile heights and knot counts. For contract projects, Henzel Studio can produce completely customized rug solutions and designs based on the architect or interior designer’s brief. 

Projects (Select):
Spring Studios, New York, USA
Spring Place, New York, USA
Rudi Gernreich at Bergdorf Goodman, NY, USA
The Ritz-Carlton, Los Angeles, USA
Robert Downey Jr., East Hampton, NY, USA
Raffles Hotel, Warsaw, Poland
Raffles Hotel, Singapore
Hyatt (Herald Sq.), NYC, USA
Hyatt (Grand Central), NYC, USA
Hyatt (Park Hyatt), NYC, USA
Central Bank of America, New York, USA
Midtown Manhattan Residence, New York, USA
Vue Hotel, Beijing, China
Lux Resorts & Hotels, Olhahali, Maldives
32 East 1st Street, East Village, NYC, USA
Flicker Way Residence, Los Angeles, USA
Alibaba HQ, New York, USA
The Meridian Capital Group, Washington, USA
S.P. Townhouse Greenwich Village, NYC, USA
W39 St, Midtown, New York, USA
DKNY, New York, USA
DKNY, San Francisco, USA
DKNY, London, United Kingdom
DKNY, Bangkok, Thailand
DKNY, Beijing, China
DKNY, Shanghai, China
DKNY, Vancouver, Canada
DKNY, Dubai, UAE
DKNY, Seoul, South Korea
DKNY, Moscow, Russia
Oriole Drive Residence, Los Angeles, USA
Greenwich Residence, New York, USA
The Warehouse Hotel, Singapore
6 Cortlandt Alley, Tribeca, New York, USA
Covent Garden Floral St. PH, London, UK
Mostra Garage Lounge, São Paulo, Brasil

Images: CALLE HENZEL, Nobu Black Ice Cut (Night Edit), 2013 (in-situ), Cosmopolitan Tower, Warsaw, interiors by Vis-A-Vis / photo by Tom Kurek, CALLE HENZEL, Tired little One Custom, 2004 / 2015 (in-situ), São Paulo, interiors by Fernanda Marques / photo by Fernando Guerra

Projects (Select):
W37 St, Midtown, New York, USA
Bucareste, São Paulo
Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, USA
Hard Rock Hotel, Macao, Dominican Republic
Hard Rock Hotel, South Male Atoll, Maldives
The Garden Sq., Chelsea, London, UK
The Ivy, Sand Diego, USA
Shoreditch Stage Penthouse, London, UK
UFC HQ, Las Vegas, USA
Gramercy Park Penthouse, New York, USA
The Murray, Hong Kong
Mayfair W.A. Penthouse, London, UK
Mandarin Oriental Hotel, New York, USA
South Beach Condos & Lofts, Toronto, Canada
JP Morgan Chase & Co, New York, USA
JP Morgan Chase & Co, Dallas, USA
JP Morgan Chase & Co, Washington, USA
Shepherds Bush Penthouse, London, UK
Doheny Drive Residence, Los Angeles, USA
Soho Pied-á-Terre, New York, USA
A.S. Townhouse West Village, New York, USA
Veer Towers, Las Vegas, USA
Madison Square Park, New York, USA
Park Place, New York, USA
Avalon Penthouses, New York, USA
The Morgan, Hong Kong, China
Penthouse Belgravia, London, UK
Park Avenue Duplex, New York, USA
Cosmopolitan Tower, Warsaw, Poland
53W53 Tower, New York, USA
Sierra Mar Drive Residence, Los Angeles, USA
Blue Jay Way Residence, Los Angeles, USA
Malibu Beach House, Los Angeles, USA
East Hampton Beach House, NY, USA
Broome St.Penthouse, New York, USA
Hard Rock Hotel, Los Cabos, Mexico
W42 St, Midtown, New York, USA
Hard Rock Hotel, Shenzhen, China
Skylark Lane Residence, Los Angeles, USA
Erste Group Bank AG HQ, Wien, Austria
Erste Group Bank AG Campus, Wien, Austria
Nine Elms Penthouse, London, UK
Tanager Way, Los Angeles, USA
The Sky Hotel, Aspen, USA
South Quay Penthouse, London, UK
Sierra Towers, Los Angeles
Carlyle Penthouse, Los Angeles
Broome St. Penthouse, New York, USA
West End Avenue Penthouse, New York, USA

Image: CALLE HENZEL, Vietas Silver Edit, 2017 (in-situ & detail) styling by Vis a Vis / photo by Tom Kurek