Image: CALLE HENZEL, Castilian (La Presa Night Edit), 2021
Winner of Archiproducts Design Awards

Artist: Calle Henzel
Design year: 2008 / 2021
Technique: Hand knotted
Materials: Wool, Mohair & Silk
Customization: Yes (size)

Image: CALLE HENZEL, Engelholm Nobu (Night Edit), 2009, CALLE HENZEL, Coutinho (Trasher Night Edit), 2014 / 2021 (in-situ)

A groundbreaking mixture of extraordinary artisan practices and cutting-edge fine art.

AnOther Magazine

Henzel Studio’s foundation and raison d’être lies in the artisanal production of local communities in Nepal and India that dates back thousands of years.

Images: CALLE HENZEL, Woodrow (Alta Vista Night Raw Ice Cut), 2020 / 2021 (in-situ)

Images: CALLE HENZEL, Flicker (Sycamore Night Edit), 2021, CALLE HENZEL, Wilson (Havenhurst Night Edit), 2021 (in-situ)

Images: CALLE HENZEL, Sturup (Closed on Thursday Night Edit), 2019 / 2021 (in-situ), CALLE HENZEL, Flicker (Sycamore Night Edit), 2021 /in-situ), CALLE HENZEL, Yeager (Night Edit),2013 / 201