Henzel has over the past twenty years translated his artistic practice as painter and collage artist into the medium at hand, positioning Henzel Studio as one of the most progressive luxury rug brands in the world.

The organic and artistic process of Calle Henzel has been the driving force in the development of Henzel Studio’s designs. He has over the years in an uncompromised fashion challenged the traditional conventions of subject matter, shape, finishings and special treatments as a result of painstaking research that includes vintage treatments, intricate surface compositions and even natural erosion – methodologies that further blur the distinction between art and design. Calle Henzel has collaborated with some of the most prominent names and foundations in contemporary art including; Richard Prince, Nan Goldin, Mickalene Thomas, Lawrence Weiner, Douglas Gordon, Anselm Reyle, Juergen Teller, Tom of Finland Foundation and The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, among others. His collaborations and own designs has been exhibited at prominent venues such as MOCA, Katonah Museum of Art, Boca Raton Museum of Art, Rossana Orlandi Gallery and The Goss-Michael Foundation. 

Images: CALLE HENZEL, Amato Nayer Cagli, 2011 / 2022, CALLE HENZEL, Engelholm Nobu (Night Edit), 2009

A groundbreaking mixture of extraordinary artisan practices and cutting-edge fine art.

AnOther Magazine

Image: CALLE HENZEL, Nausta (Night Edit), 2017 (in-situ) styling by Alex Kristal, photo by Nick Rochowski

CALLE HENZEL, Engelholm Nobu Edit, 2009 (in-situ)

”Calle Henzel set up his factory in 1999, transitioning his fine art approach into the age of old craft of the weaver, reinventing rug making and bringing new approaches, materials and techniques to the industry.”

Wallpaper Magazine

By blending new materials and techniques with traditional craftsmanship from Nepal and India, Calle set the foundations for what is today one of the world’s most progressive luxury art rug brands.

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Images: CALLE HENZEL, Alta Caletta (81), 2020 (in-situ), CALLE HENZEL, Filippo Sassetti, 2015 / 2020 (in-situ)

Images: CALLE HENZEL, Calata Piliero (101), 2020, CALLE HENZEL, Calata Piliero (901 Night Edit), 2020 / 2021,

Image: CALLE HENZEL, Murella Torres / Louana Edit, 2011 / 2022 (in-situ)