Artist: Calle Henzel
Design year: 2009 - 2020
Technique: Hand knotted
Materials: Wool & Silk
Customization: Yes (size + color)

CALLE HENZEL, Engelholm Nobu Edit, 2009 (in-situ), CALLE HENZEL, Kastrup (Closed on Sunday Edit), 2019 (in-situ)

”Calle Henzel set up his factory in 1999, transitioning his fine art approach into the age of old craft of the weaver, reinventing rug making and bringing new approaches, materials and techniques to the industry.”

Wallpaper Magazine

The spectacular details of these handwoven Henzel Studio coverings, layers new meaning to the term installation art.


CALLE HENZEL, Skalderviken, 2011 / 2018 (in-situ)

Henzel Studio's ethos is based on the artistic practice of Calle Henzel. Over the past two decades, he has translated his artistic work into the medium at hand, positioning Henzel Studio as one of the world’s most progressive rug brands.

Surface Magazine

CALLE HENZEL, Giacomo Carla Ridge, 2020 / 2021 (in-situ), CALLE HENZEL, Klafrestrom (Refshaleoen Edit), 2011 / 2019


CALLE HENZEL, Brage (28 Grader Diaz Edit), 2019, 2015 / 2020

CALLE HENZEL, Brage (28 Grader Diaz Edit), 2019 (in-situ), CALLE HENZEL, Aby / Refshaleoen Dawn Silver Edit, 2011 / 2019

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