The handmade rug collection (Workshop) Ugo Bassi Isola by Calle Henzel is based on his works on paper combining various techniques such as collage and painting. Different materials, irregular and raw / untreated surfaces and sculpted heights have been used to recreate the mixture of abstract color fields, studio waste, cardboard scraps and dripping paint. Calle Henzel developed the collection over a course of five years, the first drafts were outlined in a studio located at Ugo Bassi, Isola, Milan.

Images: CALLE HENZEL, Via Sebenico, 2015 / 2020 (in-situ), CALLE HENZEL, Alserio, 2015 / 2020 (in-situ)

Artist: Calle Henzel
Design year: 2015 - 2021
Technique: Hand knotted
Materials: Wool, Nettle, Lyocell, Linen & Silk
Customization: Yes (size)

By blending new materials and techniques with traditional craftsmanship from Nepal and India, Calle set the foundations for what is today one of the world’s most progressive luxury art rug brands.

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CALLE HENZEL, Filippo Sassetti, 2015 / 2020

Uniquely straddle the line between art for observation and art for utility.


Image: CALLE HENZEL, Via Sebenico Pola Night Sky Edit, 2015 / 2021 (in-situ)

Image: CALLE HENZEL, Filippo Sassetti, 2015 / 2020 (in-situ)

The result of fusing the aesthetic of Calle Henzel's unique artworks with breakthrough technologies and artisanal production is pure artistry in form of unique and handmade designs.


Images: CALLE HENZEL, Bosco Verticale Garigliano Night Sky Edit, 2015 / 2021 (in-situ), CALLE HENZEL, Strabone (200 Ugo Bassi, Isola, Milan), 2015 / 2020
CALLE HENZEL Farini (166 Ugo Bassi, Isola, Milan), 2015 / 2020 (in-situ)

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