Artist: Calle Henzel
Design year: 2009 / 2021
Technique: Hand knotted or Handloom
Materials: Silk, Lyocell, Mohair or Wool
Customization: Yes (size + color)

Calle Henzel has set a new standard in the industry by applying his signature design characteristics; free-form organic shapes, uneven punk-like fringes and elaborate surface treatments.

Elle Decoration

Images: CALLE HENZEL, Kalix Night Edit, 2015 (in-situ), CALLE HENZEL, Nobu Silver Edit, 2009 / 2017

Image: CALLE HENZEL, Nausta (Night Edit), 2017 (in-situ) styling by Alex Kristal, photo by Nick Rochowski

Image: CALLE HENZEL, Nobu Black Ice Cut (Night Edit), 2013 (in-situ), styling by Vis a Vis / photo by Tom Kurek

Calle Henzel has translated his artistic work into the medium at hand, positioning Henzel Studio as one of the most progressive luxury rug brands in the world.

Surface Magazine

Images: CALLE HENZEL, Vietas Silver Edit, 2017 (in-situ & detail) styling by Vis a Vis / photo by Tom Kurek

Henzel’s strong social and environmental ethic has underpinned the company from the outset.

Wallpaper Magazine

Images: CALLE HENZEL, Sautus (Night Edit), 2014 (in-situ), CALLE HENZEL, Tired Little One S3, 2015 (in-situ)

Images: CALLE HENZEL, Hoganas (Night Edit), 2008 / 2021, CALLE HENZEL, Tired Little One (Night Edit), 2015 / 2021

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