Image: CALLE HENZEL, Caccini Raw (Instant Crush Edit), 2022

Walkable sculptures.

Surface Magazine

Artist: Calle Henzel
Design year: 2009 - 2021
Technique: Hand knotted
Materials: Mohair, Linen, Nettle, Wool & Silk
Customization: Yes (size)

As our rugs are handmade we can adapt any of our designs to meet your requirements regarding size, color, shape, materials, varying pile heights and knot counts. Our design team is available to assist you with any requests you may have.

Images: CALLE HENZEL, Vellinge (Gigli Corba Edit), 2011 / 2020, CALLE HENZEL, Norrhult (Zuma Black Edit), 2013

Image: CALLE HENZEL, Calata Piliero (901 Night Edit), 2020 / 2021