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Lonely, 2013 
Edition of 50 + 1 AP
Accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity
Hand knotted
125 x 298 cm (49 x 117 ins)
Wool & Silk
High / Low Cut
Custom size upon request

Scott Campbell is known worldwide as one of the most talented hands in the art of tattooing.

Campbell’s work has not only taken part in elevating the art of tattooing to acceptable, even commendable art-form status – it has seduced the existing spheres and media or art and fashion, and furthermore, it has marked them. Tattoos ability to transcend the special and the chronological has also infiltrated Scott’s work as a visual artist, bridging his art into mediums and redirecting his intricate line work from the inked skin to sculpture, watercolor paintings and graphite drawings done on the inside of eggshells. Campbell exalts the ordinary language of the tattoo and elevates it to something else, touching on matters of religion, cult worship, authority, rituals and honors, as well as codes within the tattoo world, that ultimately have an affect on the human condition.

Image: SCOTT CAMPBELL, Lonely, 2013 (in-situ)
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Campbell maintains a client list that includes A-list creatives like Kanye West, Marc Jacobs, Penelope Cruz, Heath Ledger, among others.

In his most multifaceted series of work, Campbell translates his tattoo practice using dollar bills as raw sculptural material. Just as the needle penetrates the skin – scarring tissue to carry the ink – he removes layers from a stack of dollars, one bill at a time – Creating a sunken relief effect. This series of works features text and a range of iconography that when portrayed onto currency points to contradiction and irony in the monetary success we desire.
For HENZEL STUDIO, Campbell created a free-form design of a dollar bill featuring the letters “L, L, Y” in handwriting, spelling out LONELY.

Image: SCOTT CAMPBELL, Untitled, 2013, Edition of 999, Art pillow, Unique artwork on each side, 20 x 20 ins / 50.8 x 50.8 cm


Image: SCOTT CAMPBELL, Teddy Bear, 2011
Cut uncut US currency sheets, 53 3/10 × 63 1/2 in
© Scott Campbell. Courtesy of the artist.

Selected exhibitions: The Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow; OHWOW, Los Angeles and D Museum Youth, Seoul